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RMB Algo  All-in-One

The Full Story

The algo created by has around 16,000 followers on Twitter and is used for short-term investing strategies. The strategies used by investors and traders worldwide are now automated through this algorithm. The algo uses proper money management and risk management rules while entering into stocks and options, keeping emotions aside. It is designed to help investors stay in the market for the long run. 


To help our subscribers save on subscription charges, we have combined our four strategies into one algorithm. This algorithm is focused on purely positional trading and investing. By combining our strategies, we aim to provide our subscribers with a comprehensive solution that covers all the necessary aspects of their investment journey. Our goal is to help our subscribers achieve their investment goals while also saving them money on subscription charges.


How this strategy works ? All 4 setups in 1 Algo


Investing with trailed stop loss


The strategy created by RMB is exclusively designed for Nifty 500 stocks, which they believe are the best for investing. The algorithm enters stocks that have been beaten down due to market bad news, profit booking, or other reasons for the fall, and are at the beginning of a trend. The strategy is positional in cash Nifty 500 stocks, with 100% risk management. The system automatically books profits at a predetermined amount or percentage or at a trailed stop loss. Liquidity in Nifty 500 stocks is currently sufficient, making it easy to enter and exit according to set conditions. New stocks will be added to the system on the first of every month, so the algorithm activates only on those stocks.


Index trading : Banknifty/Nifty (Positional/Intraday)


By using this setup, we try to capture short-term movements in Nifty and Bank Nifty, and also obtain additional benefits by pledging our stocks without requiring additional margin for trading. As Warren Buffett said, "Option buyers are dreamers", and options provide an excellent way to manage risk in a portfolio while generating additional returns. By using options, we can design a strategy that fits our investment goals and manage risk effectively. In this setup, options can be used to enhance returns and manage risk, and it can be an excellent addition to any portfolio.


Capital required : Rs 5 Lac and in multiples 


         To subscribe, simply click on the button below and sign up to receive a 50% discount. After sign up just send us screen shoot to our email id and wait for coupon code to go ahead to subscribe



         Click the button below to subscribe directly.

strategies in this algo will undergo changes from time to time, depending on the market conditions

All the best and Kind regards.


Twitter : @ridemultibagger


Note : If you are subscribed to this algorithm, it is important to regularly monitor your trading account to ensure that the positions in the account match those generated by the algorithm. Keeping a close eye on your trading account helps to ensure that the algorithm is working correctly and that you are not experiencing any errors or discrepancies in your trades. Algo has been designed to get a CAGR of more than 20-25% per annum


Disclaimer: RideMultibagger is not a SEBI registered investment or financial advisor. We caution against solely relying on past performance while deploying our strategies. Any profit and loss (PNL) updates we provide are based on our own live front testing/paper trading and are for informational and educational purposes only. We will not be responsible for any losses that may occur in your trading account. Please note that our algo comes with a detailed disclaimer below

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