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  I write on stocks analysis. Every view/analysis is being shared on twitter handle free bit delayed. Enjoy them free. However, Personal attention is charged with mealtime updates via whatsapp broadcast through a small fee on your request. (All positional views)

I am here to showcase my adept skills in investing and trading. Over the past three years, I have meticulously back tested/ front tested my investment strategies, diligently logging each trade in a Google Sheet. My motivation behind this effort is to present my consistently profitable track record to prominent fund managers. My ultimate aspiration is to be entrusted with managing portfolios exceeding 100 crores—a goal I passionately strive for.

Although I lack formal financial degrees such as a CFA or an IIM qualification, I hold a certification in NCFM technical analysis only. My approach is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and a deep-rooted commitment to refining my craft. I am eager to contribute my expertise to the world of finance and investment, leveraging my proven performance as a testament to my capabilities.

I have meticulously developed and implemented 3 to 4 highly effective setups that have consistently yielded a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more than 20%. These setups reflect my dedication to meticulously analyzing market trends and employing strategic techniques that yield impressive results. My goal is to not only achieve outstanding returns but also to showcase my skills to potential collaborators and partners within the financial industry.

Furthermore, my trading journey is transparently displayed through a live dashboard on our website for the past three years. By clicking on the 'Dashboard' tab, visitors can access intricate details of the trades I've taken, profits booked, accuracy of predictions, Return on Investment (ROI), and more. This dashboard serves as a real-time testament to the reliability of my strategies and the discipline with which I approach the dynamic world of investing."

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Backtesting/Front testing/Paper Testing

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