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Ride Multibagger

Trusted Stock Trader

multibagger ideas

595% Commulative Gains running


Granules: 70% gain in 2 months

Balamines : 80% gain in 2 months

PIIND : 30% gain in 3 months

ESSELPACK : 60% gain in 2 months

NAVINFLOUR : 35% gain in 3 months

— RideMultibagger

banknifty/nifty positional

Positional Banknifty/Nifty Strategy


“Sysytem based trading to stay with with trend both sides”

80000 profit in Aug 2020

— RideMultibagger

Swing trades (future segment)

Fantastic product Swing trading in FO stocks

“System based trading setrup. designed to ride strong potential trends. System gets you in prior strong moves and keep you in until trend bends”

Jul 2020 Star performers

"TATACONSUM bought @ 425, exited @ 515"

"DRREDDY bought @ 4154 exited @ 4593"

— RideMultibagger


My Story

Innovative Investing

I’m an experienced Stock Trader committed to helping clients strategize and invest for their future financial security. I specialize in assessing each of my client’s unique needs and creating a personalized trading plan that matches their interests. Throughout the years, I’ve gained invaluable experience working in a variety of markets, guaranteeing you receive the guidance needed to achieve investment success.

Risk Disclosure

For Your Information

Services include products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses. The products may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.

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