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Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Update on previous Multibagger picks

PhilipCarb : Posted on 6th Sep 2020 at Price 124. click to read

Todays Price is 192, Great return of 75% in just 6 months

EicherMotors : posted on 14 Nov 2020 at Price 2514. click to read

Todays price is 2781, return of 15% running

One more stock triggered on our system is #AGARIND and likely to rise by 5X in coming years. let us discuss the setup in detail

No 1 : History : Have a look on below chart

What do you see in below chart now ?

You can see the stock started its rally in 2016 and it went one way up from 116 to 700 in just 1 year. I hope you can see in above chart.

No 2 : Volume: What do you see here ? did you see retest of base from where stock appreciated by 700% previously and that too without getting out smart money. without getting out money means volumes missing during come back of this stock.

No 3 : Restest : Now stock again gaining momentum from this retest level.

No 4 : Higher High, Higer low pattern. look at below image now, you would know what I means by HH, HL at strong support

No 5 : Promoters holding is above 59% as is constant for last 2 years (Good)

Above all factors makes this stock attractive to and I and my clients have positions in this.

Target and stop loss. I apologize here as, I don`t believe in targets and stop losses. I ride strength and exit weakness. I would stick to this stock until any weakness seen. I can sense stock might turn multibagger with 5x targets of Rs 600-700.

This stock already taken by us and our clients via #RideMultibagger pick No 130 on 11th Jan 2021. (Shoots attached below)

I hope you like this Stock Idea and would be grateful if shared with your near and dears.

kind regards,


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disclaimer : above analysis is my personal view, not a buy or sell recommendations.

We charge Rs 12000 per year to push my #RideMultibagger views direct to you mobile via WhatsApp, its not fees, its just charge to bond you in disciplined trading/Investing. Anyone interested can write us at

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