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RideMultibagger Talks : Issue 2


This week we faced huge draw down in portfolio with a positive close on weekend, but still portfolio in decent profit. We added 2 new stocks in portfolio and closed few positions as stock breached our setup and needs to be exited. It doesn't mean stocks will not move higher, we just followed the system

Added Below Picks

Pick No 123 #MMFL at 757

Pick No 124 #NAM_INDIA at 316

Closed below Picks

Pick No 104 #MBLinfra 14% loss

Pick No 110 #AUTOIND 20% loss

Pick No 119 #DOLAT 21% loss

Pick No 120 #MOIL 8% loss

New additions will be done next week but cannot be shared here as these goes to registered friends prior going public

Total open Positions

RMB views : 23 Index : 0 Swing/short term : 5 Options : 6

Nifty/Bank Nifty

This week huge volatility but both the indices were in range we suggested in last issue

This week range and appended below


Nifty range 28 Feb 2022 to 04 Mar 2022

Expectations in #Nifty

Below chart shows probable move either side. If #Nifty could close above 16800 than probable upside move possible, if not than downside as marked. It is just probability and long term is always up. look at 2nd chart you will understand what mean

Long term always up


BankNifty range 28 Feb 2022 to 04 Mar 2022

Expectation in #Banknifty

#Banknifty looks to be positive as its trading above its Golden ration of 61.8% and this will force #Nifty also to move up looks. problem only if it closes below 33400

RideMultibagger Stock Talk

Lets now highlight few stocks which RMB believes to move up or down

#Hindalco : Hindalco looks good with pole and flag pattern here with stop as mentioned in chart.

#Voltas making very good base with high volumes. looking good as per chart analysis

#TATACONSUM is in range for long time. looks like this time it will the zone and start its journey towards upper side

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Happy Investing


Dowload full trading journal (Cash segment) PDF file

RideMultibagger 2021-22 - Multibagger picks
Download PDF • 240KB

Downlaod options trading journal here

RideMultibagger 2021-22 - Option with BN_Nifty
Download PDF • 116KB

Discloser : All views are personal and may be 100% wrong. Please use your analysis before taking up trades.

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