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RideMultibagger Talks : Issue 3


This week no draw down faced. Portfolio closed with a positive close on weekend, Added 2 new stocks in portfolio (paper trade)

Added 2 new stocks

Closed below Picks


New additions will be done next week but cannot be shared here as these goes to registered friends prior going public

Total open Positions

RMB views : 25 Index : 0 Swing/short term : 5 Options : 6

Nifty/Bank Nifty

This week range and appended below



This is first time from Mar 2020 #Nifty started making LL, LH pattern which indicates downtrend started and #Nifty could slide upto 15000/14000 levels with stop mentioned in chart

RideMultibagger Stock Talk

#Hindunilvr : Stock has never closed below 200 MA from 2006 and its resting after 15 years. Golden opportunity to add into portfolio. Aise mouke baar baar nahi milte. Accumulate

#Asianpaints : Same with this paint. Crude oil prices pushing this stock down, dont think It will remain ever down. I would paint my house every year with Asian paint, possible you would also. Accumulate

#Divislab : continue pressure at sell side. Stock is forming LL, LH pattern and looks to fall

stock can show levels of 3260. Short or Reduce to buy at lower levels Stop loss 4500

#HDFCBANK : not showing any strength and looks to see levels of 1100 to 1000 in short run. Selling just started. Reduce to by at lower levels.

#HEROMOTO : 1600 Levels not far with stop of 2800. stock is in downtrend. Reduce or but puts

#HINDALCO : Overheated, correction required upto 520. no stock can go up in 1 direction. 2 bearish candles showing some weakness. Reduce to buy at lower levels.

#Indusindbank : Stay away from counter. can test 700 very quick. Reduce or initiate shorts. stop loss 1004

#CNXIT : showing weakness but few IT stocks like #Infy, #HCLTECH, #TCS showing bullish signal. contradictory. Avoid except TCS

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Happy Investing


Disclaimer : All views are personal and may be 100% wrong. Please use your analysis before taking up trades.

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