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Dashboard : Daily/weekly/yearly Range

Dashboard : Hi all today on 03rd Oct 2020, I would like to mention that My dashboard has gone live on my website In this one can see my overall performance as shown in below picture (like. winner, losers, biggest profit, biggest loser etc). Data is auto updated every 5 mins. Please have a look on below shoot

It`s first of its kind in India as far as I know being published for clarity of views posting. Its quite easy from above picture one can have a one eye look and access how our views and performing. important column to look at is Accuracy and %gain.

Nifty BankNifty Range : In addition to above, Now you can also find out range of #Nifty and #Banknifty from the same dashboard on left and right side of performance dashboard. this range is calculated on the basis of daily volatility and its also auto updated EOD. Can be assessed by visiting same page (live performance tab) here is direct link . Have look a below

Option traders can use this data to develop their strategies based on this range. Option strategies will discuss on some other post soon.

I hope you liked this concept

Keep your trading simple and straight

happy trading!


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