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Investing with Monthly Income : New design, Fresh start

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

"It's not whether you're right or wrong that's important, but how much money you make when you're right and how much you lose when you're wrong." — George Soros

Above quote must apply in real trading too. if you look at our last performance, One can well notice, as an investor and trader we were and still holding our strong positions (cutting our losers quick) and our profits are much larger than losses.

Below is PDF attachment to prove it, as each and every trade updated on our live google sheet instantly post posting on twitter handle.

RideMultibagger - Multibagger picks (2)
Download • 243KB

Before focusing on how we are resuming new financial year 2021-2022. lets see what happened in past

Our Dashboard : look at our dashboard. This helps us in tracking our overall portfolio and if you are trading/investing with us, you don't need to look at your positions, just keep and eye on this #dashboard and one can find out what's happened with your invested money in fy 2020-21

on an average, we generated whooping profits of around 55% average on #RideMultibagger views (We are not considering our #Index trades here) . Of course this is less than #Nifty & #Banknifty performance and this was because of our mistake, as at the beginning, we used to cut our full profits at 40% gains. (New year will be riding with trailing stops. will be discussing it in a while below)

Planning for next year : Year 2020-21, we used to take positions on any day and we are glad to mention here that many traders/investor joined us to get live updates to their whatsapp directly. Problem faced here is, some NRI clients had some issues in taking timely positions due to time zone difference.

We are coming up with new setup and rules to take positions as our maximum clients are employed and find it difficult to take positions during market hrs.

Here is how we will be taking new position?

RideMultibagger views

No 1 : From new Financial year 2021-22, (ie. 1st Apr 2021) stocks will be selected/screened on Saturday/Sunday.

No 2 : Selected stocks will be sent to registered clients via whatsapp broadcast/email and will be live on google sheet at the end of day (Sheet is free for all with EOD updates) (I will be sharing my views only. these will not be recommendations to buy/sell any stocks, so final decision lies with clients)

No 3 : Clients to take positions on Monday/Next trading day (if they feel comfortable with our view) or even place AMO (After Market Order) on Sunday itself, so that your orders activates next day/trading day on market opening automatically.

How to exit?

After taking position, just let profits or losses run. We will be checking our positions every Friday, if any stock shows weakness, that stock will be replaced with new stock on Next trading day (i.e 1st trading day of next week)

Number of stocks at a time?

This year we used to have around 38 open positions at a time with proper risk management, but from next year we will be taking on only 14 to 20 stocks in or portfolio. New stock will only come in portfolio once any weak stock goes out of portfolio. (One goes out, 1 comes in, 2 goes out 2 comes in and vise versa)

Our targets : Our targets is to double or triple our money in 1 to 3 year by trading in stocks only and earning additional living expenses options trading.

Nifty/BankNifty : Same strategy. No change.

OPTIONS : Slight change. "Sirf Ayega" strategy. Options are being widely used by professional traders to generate living expenses or you can say side income, similarly we are going to adopt it. No additional margin will be used in this. below is strategy how this will work

Stocks bought in RideMultibagger views will be pledged to get margins and same will be used for options trading. In this way we will be earning living expenses with creation of wealth in long term. There are many top brokers offering facility to pledge and many features like margin funding etc. one of such is ICICIDIRECT. click below to open account with us here.

( you will be enjoying many benefits from our side if you open and trade with us)

Most important. we will also be using options to maximize profits. Please note its not option buying, its something different which professionals do to make money. we will also be using our margins on shares in professional way)

ALL can enjoy our live position on our google sheet EOD (instant updates only for registered clients) A blank sheet with on 1 stock as mentioned on our twitter #DAAWAT has been added 15 days back for next year. click this link to view google sheet 2021-22. (Open to all for time being) click to view fy 2021-22 google sheet

To join us, just mail us at , we are 100% sure you would love to join us after listening joining criteria.

Hope you like this change and Do share with your friends.

kind regards,



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