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Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Hi there!! Today I am going to analyse #PhilipCarb stocks which got attracted to me. I and my clients have positions in this. So what factors make this stock attractive to me ?

No 1: History. Just have a look on this chart

No 2 : Volume : You can see in above chart stock almost stayed in range for 10 years with strong volumes or I can say accumulations. Institutional investors kept buying this stock and smart money continued in during this phase and Breakout occurred in May 2017 which appreciated by almost 400% in just 1.5 years of time. (Rs 66 to Rs 313)

No 3 : Retest : Now look at below chart once again, what do you see here ?

What do you see here ? did you see retest of base from where stock appreciated by 400% previously and that too without getting out smart money. without getting out money means volumes missing during come back of this stock.

Now stock again gaining momentum from this retest level. stock almost doubled from retest levels (55 to 124).

No 4 : Higher High, Higer low pattern. look at below image now, you would know what I means by HH, HL at strong support

No 5 : Promoters holding is above 50% as is constant for last six months (Good)

No 6 : Mutual funds holdings increased over last six months. Have a look below.

Above all factors makes this stock attractive to and I and my clients have positions in this.

Targets and stop loss. I apologize here as, I don`t believe in targets and stop losses. I ride strength and exit weakness. I would stick to this stock until any weakness seen.

Here same is posted on my twitter and live broadcasted to my registered clients via whats app.

I hope you like this Stock Idea.

keep reading and sharing please.

kind regards,



disclaimer : above analysis is my personal view, not a buy or sell recommendations

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