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RideMultibagger (RMB)Talks 05 Mar 2023

Sector wise performance

Top Gainers/Losers Friday

Top Option in focus

FIIs activity

Stock analysis from #RMB point of view

#SBI : The 4-hour chart of SBIN stock is showing some intriguing patterns. If the stock remains above 564, it may reach the 600 level, making it a potentially lucrative F&O long opportunity. The recommended strategy involves a 1:4 risk-to-reward ratio. It's important to note that I do not currently hold any positions in stock.

#CANARABANK : The stock has broken its rising channel with high trading volumes, indicating that it could soon reach the 340 level. To minimize risk, a hedged strategy with a 1:2 risk-to-reward ratio is attached

Disclosure : No positions

#INDIACEM A channel breakout may occur soon, and a recommended strategy with a 1:4 risk-to-reward ratio is provided to maximize potential profits while minimizing risk.

Disclosure : No Positions

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