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Riding trend with #ADX

Do you know any #indicator promising riding the entire trend ? If yes, Kindly drop in comment box as I am also in search of that holy grain indicator. There are few indicators used to be on you tube channels mentioned to be best in catching trend start and keeps you in until trend bends. One of them is #ADX.

Kindly have a look on below picture. can you please tell me, if this indicators caught the entire trend of stock?

In above stock we could have caught only 50 Points from 175 to 225 and missed further rally from 225 to 344 (100 points). There are many ways to use this #ADX but popular is one I mentioned in picture. If there is other way please let me know so that I can be proved wrong.

So question is how can we ride the entire trend?

Answer : there is no indicator available as of now to catch entire trend, but yes 80% trend can be brought home with simple indicator.

Will be writing in details on that in next post. till than I request my readers to try using #ADX on your chart and go through as many charts you can to know exact picture of this indicator which is widely circulated on social Media. Gather knowledge and be with the best.

Thanks for giving your time.

Kind regards,


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