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Nifty Setup : Make money in retracement

Let's Learn how to make money in falling market and a strategy to make good gains if market retraces from here. Such setup needs to awaited for long time and the day you find grab.

Before getting ahead I hope all reader must be aware of Candle stick patterns and some sort of divergences. if not, ping us on our whatsapp to learn

Now let us see what is happening in #Nifty. Below charts describe very well what we saw on and levels are given where to short and and place stops.

Ways to trade : there are 3 ways to trade

trades must be taken if low of last candle is broken

No 1 Short #Nifty as per given level in charts

No 2 Short 18400, 18500, 18600 CE options and keep stop loss as given in chart

No 3 Covered short : Short #Nifty and Protect it with 18300 CE (In this case you don't need to keep track or place stop loss everyday. Just execute and close on expiry or let it expire. It would be good idea to go with next month future + options.

Shared Purely for education and learning purpose. We may not be responsible for losses or profits in your account.

I hope you liked the concept

Kind regards,

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